My Mission…

To develop Lifespan Solutions for Individuals with Disabilities, using technology to achieve functional independence outcomes.



About Me…

ckv1 I have dedicated my life to helping children with disabilities reach their potential. I believe technology is a “force multiplier” of outcomes, and I have been using technology to help individuals with disabilities achieve functional independence outcomes for over twenty years. When you create independence for an individual with a disability, you create independence for an entire family and support system. I advocate for evidence-based research and treatment, and for special education reform. I am a behaviorist, a functionalist, a technologist, an educator, a consultant, a writer, a change-agent, and a parent.





What People Say About Me…


“Chris is a fabulous strategic thinker and a great human being. He is a passionate, values-based advocate for individuals with special needs. He is detail oriented and research driven. His work product is very professional and he is a very good listener. He is meticulous when it comes to compiling information for reports. Chris was a central figure in the compilation of my organization’s business plan.”

– Robert Gephart, CEO & President, Monarch Teaching Technologies


“Chris is a very intelligent, caring, ‘big picture’ thinking individual. He feels the needs of his clients, using his own experience within the special education community to guide his thoughtful approach. He is a valuable resource who advocates for equality in education and understands that all learners have individual needs. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris!”

– Carly Smith, Implementation Specialist, VizZle


“As a graduate of MIT, I’m accustomed to working with inventors and scientists who are characteristically passionate about their work. Chris shows equal passion, while also dedicating himself to the children he serves. Through Chris’ noteworthy contributions, Heartspring has established its leadership in a worldwide special education community of professional staff, donors, administrators, parents and family, helping them share their stories, and collaborate with each other to continually upgrade and standardize best practices for the treatment of children. Chris has been innovative and indefatigable in these efforts…Chris is articulate and engenders trust and confidence at every organizational level…It is with great pleasure that I recommend Chris Vacek.”

– James Wong, Former Chairman of the Board, Heartspring


“I had the good fortune to work with Chris and his team as he built and implemented the technology plan for Heartspring schools. I saw firsthand his leadership skills and his ability to manage a cross-functional teams. He was able to help everyone set a vision and guide the team while leveraging the unique skills of each of his team members. He has the ability to pioneer new products and processes and develop effective corporate strategies. He is skilled in International and National partnerships and can lead technology culture change initiatives. Assessing client needs is one of his many attributes and ensuring timely project delivery is another. His strengths are: high energy, integrity, he is constantly learning, enthusiastic, and has a social sensitivity. He is geared toward results, has great collaboration and leadership skills, and is very good at problem solving. He also understands the importance of keeping the team and clients on course and focused. Chris has a great ATTITUDE on life…I highly recommend him…”

– Karen Kelley, 21st Century Learning Initiative, Cisco Systems




“Make It Simple. Make It Friendly. Make It Happen.”Art_or_Science_Venn-e1398295199138